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#FeelingHuman (New project download)

Image of #FeelingHuman (New project download)


This is the newest project written, composed, produced, and recorded by Michelle Antoinette aka LOVE the poet. The way the project was created, 7 tracks in 7 days, was inspired by LOVE the poet's good friend OOH of Brown F.I.S.H. (who recently passed away). #FeelingHuman is a project addressing artistic mortality, love, belief systems, sexuality, and survival. This album is currently only available for downloads. Purchase here and the album will be sent to your email.

Track List

1. #FeelingHuman
2. Hold Your Hand (tribute Adeke Rose & David B)
3. God's Country
4. Fire In the Sky
5. You Don't
6. Temporary Friend
7. Breaking Even (intro by OOH of Brown F.I.S.H)